“One of my favorite parts about the Chartres Pilgrimage is waking up in camp. There’s a compelling sense of hope and zeal of life I always find as I roll up my sweaty, dew covered sleeping bag and listen to the sound of the overtly optimistic Frenchman on the loudspeaker. It inspires a feeling of adventure, hope, determination, and reminds us of Christ’s promise that we are never alone in life.”
— Bridget

“The most moving part of the pilgrimage for me was seeing 10,000-15,000 traditional Catholics all walking 70 miles in honor of Our Lady. Even though we all speak several different languages and are from many different countries around the world, we all have our Catholic faith in common connecting us all to one another through our Lord, as well as all knowing the Latin from the Traditional Latin Mass. Doing this pilgrimage I feel has definitely helped me grow stronger in my faith and given me a more deep and profound understanding of what it truly means to be a Catholic and live your faith.”
— Maria

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